In an effort to show the natural abilities and versatility of our little hounds PBGVCA will hold its 8th annual Triathlon competition during the 2023 Kerrville, Texas Regional and National specialty. The Triathlon was started to encourage PBGV owners to try training their PBGVs and to participate in companion and performance events. It has been a huge success. Owners and their PBGVs are having fun training and finding comradery with fellow competitors.

There will be two levels of Triathlon Awards available, the Triathlete Award and Beginner Triathlete Award. For the Triathlete Award your PBGV needs to qualify in three different (agility, obedience, rally, scent work) companion/performance disciplines. For the Beginner Triathlete Award your PBGV must enter three different disciplines and qualify in two of them. With the exception that one of those qualifying disciplines for the Beginner Triathlete can be exchanged for one of the following (only one) CGC, CGCA, CGCU, Fast CAT, any of the Trick Dog titles offered. Qualifying scores and titles must be earned during the 2023 Regional and National events.
Each PBGV achieving the Beginner Triathlete or Triathlete Award will receive a prize for earning that award.


Agility – Any qualifying score in the Regional/National Agility trials will count towards a Triathlete Award. Regular or Preferred height.

Obedience – Any qualifying score in the Regional/National Obedience trials will count towards a Triathlete Award. With the following exceptions: Beginner Novice only counts toward the Beginner Triathlete. Veteran’s obedience class for dogs age 7 or older must score a 170 or higher to count towards the regular Triathlete Award.

Rally – Any qualifying score in the Regional/National Rally trials will count towards the Triathlete Award.

Scent Work – Any qualifying score in the Regional/National Scent Work trials will count towards a Triathlete Award.

CGC, Fast CAT, or Trick Dog title – Any CGC or Trick dog title, or a qualifying run in Fast CAT can count as one of your three qualifying disciplines towards the Beginner Triathlete Award.


Regular Triathlon PBGVs must enter at least 3 different disciplines and qualify in 3. For the Beginner Triathlon PBGVs they must enter at least three different disciplines and qualify or receive a title in two. Beginner Triathletes can substitute one of their disciplines with an entry in any CGC, trick dog, or Fast CAT event.

If your PBGV only qualifies in two different disciplines no matter what disciplines you’re qualifying scores came from your award will be Beginner Triathlete.

Only qualifying scores from the 2023 PBGVCA Regional and National will count towards the Triathlon Awards.

Your PBGV can only compete in a class they are eligible for under AKC rules.

Spayed, neutered, and PAL registered PBGVs are eligible to compete in the Triathlon.

No additional cost to compete in the Triathlon. You and your dog’s name will be printed in the national catalog as being entered in the Triathlon.

You must declare you are competing for a Triathlon Award and list the classes you will be competing in by March 8th on the Triathlon Entry Form. The Triathlon form will be in the premium list and a fillable form online at Click the Triathlon link in the list on the right hand side of the 2023 PBGVCA National event information page. Forms may be emailed to and must have Triathlon in the subject line or can be mailed to Vickie Willmann, 597 S 1000 E, Marion, IN 46953. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Vickie Willmann at or (765) 618-2324.