PBGVCA Clinical Health Information Form

PBGVCA Clinical Health Information Initiative

To obtain the most current, and future, health status of our PBGV’s, the Health Committee is kicking off the Club’s newest initiative. The purpose is to identify current major health problems in the breed with the goal of shaping medical research priorities for the betterment of our PBGV’s. This ongoing initiative will collect clinical health information on all PBGV’s during their life span.

We need help from ALL PBGV owners and breeders!

The process is simple.

  • Have basic dog info readily available such as call name, date of birth, etc.
  • Based on veterinarian’s diagnosis, you will answer a few questions.
  • The form collects ONE major health issue at a time. Have more than one health issue…you will be able to return to a new form after completing the first.
  • Ready, set, GO

Would you rather complete downloadable form and either mail or email completed form Click Here.