PBGVCA Health Committee

Helen Ingher, Chairman PBGV5@icloud.com
Laura Liscum, Assistant Chairman, Laura.Liscum@tufts.edu

Mission Statement

To have the most current information readily available for providing optimal health care and for making wise choices in managing breed-specific health care issues.

Goals & Objectives

  • To develop and maintain educational information targeted to general health care of the PBGV.
  • To develop and maintain a knowledge base of medical problems specific to the PBGV including clinical resources to assist with diagnoses, treatment and management of breed specific health issues.
  • To have the resources available to assist PBGV breeders and owners in making decisions for the health and welfare of the breed.

Health Education

Shelley Barclay, shelbar@aol.com
Patricia Koprovic, westwind_kennels@msn.com
Stephanie Holoubek, stephch2@bellsouth.net
Karen Clugston, karen52056@gmail.com
Gisele Romanace, gromanace@gmail.com
Jo Quintenz, jquintenz@gmail.com

PBGVCA Pedigree/Health Database

Veronica Scheer, vscheer@tct-computerteacher.com

Health Research Project Reviews

Laura Liscum, Laura.Liscum@tufts.edu