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Indiana, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and South Carolina hunts now take place in multiple locations. To ensure accurate search, prefix titles are shown at end of dog name in parentheses.

IL City Code: Roscoe: IL-RO
IN City Codes:
Upland: IN-UP and Royal Center: IN-RC
MO City Code: Troy, MO: MO
NJ City Codes: Flemington: NJ-FL; Elmer: NJ-EL
OH City Code: St. Clairsville: OH-ST
PA City Codes: Stroudsburg: PA-ST; Carlisle, PA-CA
SC City Codes: Tokeena Beagle Club in Seneca "B" Pen: SC-B; in Townville "C" Pen: SC-C
WI City Codes: Wisconsin Rapids: WI-WR; Platteville: WI-PL

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