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Welcome to the PBGVCA pedigree & health database. NOTE: The content and any health notations contained within this database is for personal use ONLY.

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If your dog's pedigree is not listed, please submit in one of two ways:


Forward a copy of the official test result to Jo Quintenz, poag@pbgv.org. This may be done electronically or by mail to 741 N. Jones Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716. If it is not noted on the result document and your dog is not already in the database, please provide your dog's sire/dam, date of birth, sex, AKC or other registered number and registered name and call name if possible.

For tests that are NOT submitted to OFA, please complete this online health test submittal form. You must attach a copy of your PBGVs health test report signed by examining veterinarian and include the name and address of hospital. You can attach a total of 3 reports. Click Here

Alternatively, you can mail a copy of the official report to Veronica Scheer, 5 Wakeman Hill Rd., Sherman, CT 06784-1925 .

IMPORTANT: please include dog's registration name and number, call name, date of birth, sex, sire/dam, owner and breeder names, reproduction status (intact, spayed, neutered, frozen semen) and include a copy of official report signed by examining veterinarian with their hospital name and address. Questions to: webmaster@pbgv.org.

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To submit information on health issues with your PBGV (such as epilepsy) the process is simple:

  • Have basic dog info readily available such as call name, date of birth, etc.
  • Based on veterinarian's diagnosis, you will answer a few questions.
  • The form collects ONE major health issue at a time. Have more than one health issue…you will be able to return to a new form after completing the first.
  • Ready, set, GO


This information is for personal use ONLY and the programming, coding, style sheet remains the sole property of PBGVCA.

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