Is the PBGV right for you?

Susie Makes FriendsAre you looking for a happy dog with a vivacious, outgoing personality? How about a dog that gets along with virtually every person and dog they meet? Are you looking for an active dog you can do things with instead of a couch potato?

Do you have a sense of humor? PBGV’s are very entertaining and guaranteed to make you laugh! PBGV’s have a good voice and will use it to greet each other and visitors. Their hunting instinct is strong and they will chase squirrels, rabbits and other prey, so you’ll need a well-fenced yard. And, they need daily exercise and always have to be walked on leash.

Grooming is easy because PBGV’s are supposed to look “tousled”. They do shed, but just a little.

All in all, PBGV’s are awesome dogs and we encourage you to learn more about “the happy breed”. Contact our PBGV Ambassadors to learn more about the breed.