Hunt Judges

Joan BurkeTony ChildsMichael Edwards
Joan BurkeI have been involved with PBGVCA since I got my first PBGV, CH Levrier Nain Hervé‚ RATO PCMH, best known as Harvey Hound. Today, I have a pack, the J Crew, of three PBGVs also including Giroux and Alphonse. We love to hunt in the Midwest fields and enjoy getting South or East with National Specialty hunts. We call Chicago home. Looking forward to meeting all hounds and handlers in Ohio! Tally Ho! Tony Child We acquired our first PBGV (ZZTuX – Hi Cotton Sharp Dressed Man) back in 2006 and joined the PBGVCA soon after. We began participating in the hunts with ZZTuX in 2007 where he passed his HIT at one of the NC hunts. I then began enjoying the hunt activities as my work schedule allowed and spent many hours (and steps!) in the hunt fields frequently as a marshall. In late 2019, I decided to gain certification as a hunt judge and have judged many hunts since then. I look forward to many more years of watching the dogs do what they were bred to do!Michael Edwards On May 4, 2013, I released my PBGV hunting pack for the first time on the hunt field in Upland, Indiana. Because my spouse, Robert, and I were complete novices, we held our breath and waited to see if we would ever see the pack again as the hounds ran away with total joy. A few minutes later they all came running back and took off again. They all passed their Hunting Instinct test that day and we knew that hunting rabbits would become one of our favorite adventures. Ten years later our peebs have multiple hunt titles. I have been a Hunt Test judge for a few years now and most of my pack members have retired or passed away. I still absolutely enjoy watching and judging all of the other packs do what they were bred to do. Tally Ho!
Coady EganMary FlukeTeri King

Coady has been participating in PBGVCA Hunt Tests since 2014, and became a PBGVCA Hunt Judge after moving to North Carolina. Coady and her dogs compete in a number of AKC sports and events, including conformation, FastCAT, hunting, and Rally. Coady owns two PBGVs - Rowan and Aurora - and has been a PBGV owner since 2007. She would like to apologize in advance to any judges charged with chasing her dogs at the National Hunt and looks forward to seeing everyone in Ohio!
Mary FlukeI have been involved in the PBGVCA hunt program since 2006 and have earned titles with 8 of my dogs including 5 to PCMHX and 4 to RHX and above. I have chaired more than 30 hunts since 2009 including 4 National Hunts. As a member of the PBGVCA Hunt Executive Committee I have been privileged to have a front row seat on the growth and development of our program. I'm pleased that we are attracting more new handlers to hunting. My favorite thing about hunting is being out on the field to see my dog do something it never did before…preferably something good!Teri King I began hunting sporting dogs with my father at a young young we used to road hunt pheasants using retrievers. Hunting hounds are considerably different. However, I still feel the same joy watching dogs do what they were bred to do. While I have only been in PBGVs for a few years, I feel I have accomplished a great deal in many disciplines including- Obedience, Rally, Barn Hunt, Fast CAT, Coursing, Scent Work, Conformation and of course Hunts. I have hunted on seven different fields, most recently earning two Senior Hunt Titles and an Elite Hunt Title. I look forward to Judging and running my pack at the Ohio Hunt. Good Luck to all who entered and above else enjoy how your hound enjoys the hunt.
Kevin MacDonaldRoger MayerLora Megli
Kevin MacDonaldKevin has had dogs all his life and became involved with PBGV's in 2008 when his wife Bev introduced him to the breed. He handled his first PBGV to champion and knew immediately he and Bev needed more. In 2010 they got two more puppies from the Mohawk kennel in Dayton, OH. After showing one of the puppies to its championship, they were introduced to field trials in 2013. Kevin, Bev, Jester, Holly, and Marcel had an incredible time during the hunt and were immediately hooked. After a couple of years of participation, it seemed a natural progression to become more involved in the field trials and Kevin started the process of education and mentorship to become a judge for PBGV Field Trials. Kevin has continued to enjoy judging PBGV hunts and is looking forward to continuing to share his enthusiasm for this great activity for PBGV's and their people.Roger MayerIn June 1995, after a 2 year wait, I drove to Connecticut to pick up our first PBGV, Edna's Trail Hell's A Poppin. Mr. Frost showed us how to groom and prepare her conformation and started showing her. In 1999 our Best-of-Breed dog Ch Tacoa Sonnets As Or Promises went BOB at the National Specialty in Charlotte, NC. We met Bobbe Jackson and became interest in Hunting Instinct. On Mar 24 & 25, 2001 we attended the first PBGVCA sponsored Hunt Test Committee Chaired by Bobbe Jackson. There were over 60 Dogs registered for this test. I was hooked and started judging and was invited to the DC area for a Judge's Seminar. My current hunt buddy is Liza Jane. Please check out the storyboard of the first few Hunts.Lora MegliI look forward to judging the PBGV Hunt Test in Ohio, April 2024. Over the years I have been active doing just about anything available with my PBGV's, however hunting has a special place in my heart. It does make my heart feel good to see PBGV's doing what they are bred to do and doing it well! I have judged PBGV Hunts for numerous years. I especially enjoy doing it during the Nationals since I am able to judge many dogs I don't otherwise get the opportunity to see. Tally-Ho and hopefully great weather!
Nick ReadingMary SobolVickie Willmann
Nick ReadingNick has had dogs all of his life. He became involved with PBGV's in 2009. He is a member of PBGVCA and the Carolina PBGV Club. Nick obtained his judging certificate in 2013 and judges when and wherever possible. He currently has seven Peeb's CH Margeau RHX7, CH Camille RHX8, Goliard PCSH PCSHX, CH Jenette PCSHX Elite, CH Shiner PCMHX, Lillie PCMHX, and 'Nilla PCSH. Nick and his wife of 45 years, Pat (also a dog person) live in Schuylkill Haven, PA. In addition to dogs, Nick, a welder by trade, is an avid woodworker and musician. He performs on a variety of woodwinds in various groups in his locale. I am looking forward to judging some great dogs at Belmont Jefferson. Hopefully there will be some coming out for the first time to enjoy the thrill of the hunt for both the dogs and the handlers.Mary Sobol I got my first PBGV in 2017 (Dash) and she has been on the hunt field since she was 7 months old. She is now working on her RH2. I have a retired hunter (Tim) and a new hunter (Zizou). With wonderful encouragement and coaching, I recently became a hunt judge and also recently chaired a hunt at the Northern Illinois Beagle Club in Roscoe, Illinois. There is little I enjoy more than being on the field with PBGVs and their people. To those of you who haven't experienced a hunt, I encourage you to give it a try. Your PBGV will have a blast and so will you. And yes, it is not a cliché, we actually shout "Tally Ho" when we see a rabbit.Vickie WillmannI started hunting at the first Wisconsin hunt in 2007. I realized very quickly it was something that the dogs and I both enjoyed very much. As time went on, I got more and more passionate about hunting with my PBGVs. My dogs have earned over 600 qualifying scores. Cooper is working on his Rabbit Hunter 11 title. My husband and I travel to almost all of the PBGV hunts. I started judging over 12 years ago and have judged at over 90 hunts. I chair the Wisconsin hunts in the fall and have chaired Indiana hunts at two different locations. I also serve on the PBGVCA Executive Hunt Committee. If you have any questions about hunting I'm always willing to talk.