Canadian Kennel Club Standard…

Origin and Purpose: Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is one of four ancient rough-coated French hounds; an overall good hunting dog.

General Appearance: A well-balanced, short-legged, compact hound, rough-coated, with an alert outlook and a lively bearing.

Characteristics: Strong active hound capable of a day’s hunting, with a good voice, freely used.

Temperament: Happy, extrovert, independent, yet willing to please.
Size: The measurement at the withers for both male and female should be 13.5 in. to 15 in. (34-38cm).

Coat: Rough, long without exaggeration and harsh to the touch with thick undercoat, never silky or wooly. Hounds should be shown untrimmed.

Colour: White with any combination of Lemon, Orange, Tri-colour or Grizzle markings.


  • Head medium in length, not too wide, the skull is oval in shape when viewed from the front, well cut away under the eyes, stop clearly defined. The occipital bone well developed.
  • Muzzle slightly shorter than from stop to occipital point. Underjaw should be strong and well developed.
  • Nose should be black, large with wide nostrils.
  • Eyes surmounted by long eyebrows standing forward but not to obscure eyes.
  • Lips covered with long hair forming a beard and moustache.
  • Teeth: Scissor bite preferred, level bite accepted.
  • Eyes: Large, dark, almond shape, showing no white, with a friendly intelligent expression. The red of the lower eyelid should not show (haw).

Ears: Supple, narrow and fine, covered with long hair, folding inwards, ending in an oval shape, when pulled forward reaching to the end of the nose. Ears set on low, in line with the outer corner of the eye.

Neck: Long and strong, slightly arched, without throatiness, carrying the head proudly.

Forequarters: Shoulders clean and sloping, elbows close to the body. The forelegs straight, a slight crook acceptable. Heavy boned, pasterns strong and slightly sloping. Knuckling over is unacceptable.

Body: Chest deep with prominent sternum, ribs moderately rounded extending well back. Back of medium length, level topline with slight arching over strong loins.

Hindquarters: Strong and muscular with good bend of stifle. Well defined second thigh. Hocks short.

Feet: Hard, well padded. Nails strong and short.

Tail (Stern): Of medium length set on high, strong at the base, tapering gradually to the tip, well-furnished with hair, carried proudly like the blade of a sabre (gaily).

Gait: The movement should be free at all paces, with great drive. Front action straight and reaching well forward, hocks should turn neither in nor out.

Major Faults: A dog or bitch measuring more than .5 in. (1 cm) either way.