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PBGVCA Breed Preservation

PBGV Breed Preservation

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July 15, 2020
July 24, 2020
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The Basics

PBGVCA Breed Preservation Committee

Do we have a problem? If so, why?


The PBGVCA board charged Jo Anne Hacker with reviewing AKC data and interviewing a select number of Club members regarding the apparent decline in the number of PBGV litters. In early 2020 Jo Anne presented her findings to the Board. After great discussion, the Board agreed to form a Breed Preservation Committee to continue working on the problem of declining breed numbers. The Committee then formulated strategies and presented to the Board. The Board approved the strategies and the Committee is currently carrying them out. Click Here to see full plan.

Our breed is indeed in danger of becoming extinct. Based on the AKC number of registered litters between 2008-2019 and using Microsoft Excel 2016 forecast module, litters of PBGV puppies will drop to nearly zero by 2023! Immediate action is required to reverse this trend before we get to a point where we can't breed high quality litters because we have NO breeding stock.

Together we will build a stronger tomorrow for our breed.


The Goal

The Goal of PBGVCA is to ensure that the PBGV, while a rare breed, will continue to be a viable breed in the United States for many years to come. Specifically, to implement strategies that result in 58-62 registered litters per year while preserving the health and character of the breed. This, in turn, is the mission of the Breed Preservation Committee.

The Committee is comprised of Jo Anne Hacker, jah10832@gmail.com, Chair; Veronica Scheer, vscheer@tct-computerteacher.com; Robert J. Sweeney, cromwellgardens@aol.com; & Helen Ingher, pbgv5@icloud.com. The various Strategy Chairs are responsible for building a small group of dedicated individuals who will identify, define and put into motion plans to achieve the strategy. Further, these chairs will carry their work forward to ensure the plans are periodically reviewed, adjusted & implemented.

We need your help. If you have ideas on how to attract more individuals to the breeding of PBGV's, we want to hear what you have to say. If you have ideas on how to introduce the public to PBGV's, let us know. If you are a Club member, an opportunity exists to have you help in promoting the PBGV. Do you have any thoughts on how to better engage current Club members in this program? If you have a skill in public relations, social media use, advertising, writing and you want to get involved, please volunteer for an assignment. Together we can reverse this trend and get the number of PBGV litters back to a healthy place. Thank you! Email Jo Anne Hacker at jah10832@gmail.com.

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