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Balance is Not Subjective

by Jan Zigich 2021
As with any purebred dog, the breed standard has an efficient description of balance. The balance must maintain the form and function of the breed. This is exactly how one should evaluate the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (PBGV) too. Read more...

Expanding breeding program internationally from one breeder’s perspective

by Tiffany Cannon (2021)

What is your criteria for choosing an international mate?
I have not yet sold a dog overseas, but I have brought in dogs from Sweden and the Netherlands. I have a sort of 'gentlemen's agreement' with Swedish breeder that I won't send puppies back into Europe. And I've never felt comfortable sending one to South America. This upcoming year I plan to bring in another from Sweden and possibly one from Finland. Read more...

Once Lost, Genetic Diversity is Gone Forever

by Laura Liscum, PhD, 2021

There are many examples in human history in which a population becomes geographically or culturally isolated and reproduces amongst themselves, becoming inbred. When this happens, the chances of both mating partners carrying the same deleterious recessive gene increases. When two recessive genes combine, it often leads to higher incidence of congenital defects and genetic diseases. Read more...