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POAG Reimbursement Program

January 2, 2022

PBGV Health & Rescue Foundation

With the development of a diagnostic cheek swab test for the Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) gene mutation in PBGVs, we can eliminate POAG in our beloved breed!

Primary glaucoma is an inherited condition of two types: open (POAG) and closed (PCAG) angle glaucoma. In both forms, glaucoma results from reduced drainage of fluid within the eye, causing a build-up of pressure that leads to pain and blindness. For closed angle glaucoma, a screening technique called gonioscopy can identify dogs at risk.

POAG is a genetic mutation that is carried by many PBGVs. Fortunately, there is a DNA test that will determine whether a PBGV is unaffected (has inherited normal genes from both parents), a carrier of the mutation (inherited one copy of the mutation from a parent), or an affected dog (inherited the mutation from both parents).

It is important that you know the POAG status of your PBGVs! The following laboratories are able to conduct the DNA test to detect POAG in PBGVs:

Animal DNA Diagnostics, Ltd.

Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd is an enthusiastic DNA testing laboratory located in Cambridge in the UK.



Wisdom Panel Premium

Tests for POAG in the PBGV along with many other genetic conditions that are not relevant to PBGVs.


Follow the links for instructions on how to have your PBGV tested. Note that the Animal DNA Diagnostics test is much less expensive and only tests for POAG. The Wisdom Panel tests for many genetic traits that are not relevant to our breed.

The Foundation asks that you please submit your test results to the OFA open database. To do so, complete the Application for DNA Based Genetic Database and submit the form along with the results of the test. Owners submitting results will incur a fee as indicated on the form.

To stimulate this process, the PBGV Health and Rescue Foundation will reimburse $40.00 per dog to PBGVCA Club members who test their dogs and submit the results to the OFA database. In addition PBGV owners who reside in North America but who are not club members are also eligible for the reimbursement.

To request the reimbursement, send a copy of the OFA confirmation by mail or email to the Foundation Treasurer: JoAnne Hacker, 10832 N.E. Country Club Rd., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-2337, jah10832@gmail.com.