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Give Back to the Breed: Be a Mentor

Be a mentor, and share your knowledge.

Responsible Dog Breeding

PBGVCA Breeder Mentors

The rewards for being a breeder mentor has no bounds.

So, you may want to try your hand at breeding PBGVs. You’ve come to the right place!

Join our club today and gain access to our mentors who are willing to share and teach you what you need to know to become a Responsible PBGV Breeder.

Our breeder mentors have dedicated years learning everything there is to know about breeding our wonderful breed. They are dedicated to preserving the breed characteristics and producing healthy, well-socialized PBGV puppies.

Become part of the PBGV family today. There are so many wonderful benefits.

Betty Barth (Gebeba), DE, pbgv@gebeba.com
Donna Bruce (Lacey Kennels South), VA, donnaeb@gmail.com
Sandy Bustin (Crepu Visage), FL, sbustin1@verizon.net
Tiffany Cannon (Always PBGVs), TX, alwayspbgv@gmail.com
Karen Clugston (Jaren), IN, karen52056@gmail.com
Susannah Cooper (Suton), CA, susannahpbgvca@gmail.com
Nick Frost (Dehra), NC, dehra@aol.com
Tammy Hensley (Grand-Voile), IN, mainsailgrandvoile@gmail.com
Jeanne Hurty (CJ PBGVs), CT, cjhurty@optonline.net
Lynn Florian (CJ PBGVs), CT, laflorian@optonline.net
Helen Ingher (Charlen), FL, pbgv5@icloud.com (352) 428-7248
Bobbe Jackson/Lynn Rowell (Goose Creek), NC, pbgvs@aol.com; (704) 517-2670; (704) 517-8499
Pat Koprovic (Westwind), WI, westwind_kennels@msn.com
Sue Smyth (Old York PBGVs), NJ, OldYork2002@aol.com
Cindy Wilt (Talus), AL, cindy_wilt@hotmail.com