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2020 Eye Exam Reimbursement Program
Extended through 2020

The PBGV Health & Rescue Foundation wants every PBGV to be examined by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist through 2020. The PBGV community has heard a lot about primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) in PBGVs. However, POAG is not the only eye problem that afflicts PBGVs. PBGVs are occasionally born with persistent pupillary membranes or develop cataracts, lens luxation, or non-POAG forms of glaucoma.

To reward owners who take their PBGVs for an eye exam, the PBGVCA Health Committee drew up an eye exam recommendation and the PBGV Health & Rescue Foundation voted to provide the following incentive:

Who PBGVs 1 year of age or older who are owned by PBGVCA full and associate members.
  • Eye exam by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist, who must fill out a Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) form.
  • The CAER form will be supplied, filled out, and signed by the ophthalmologist. S/he will give you the form for your files. The CAER form must be sent to the PBGVCA Health Committee for inclusion in the open pedigree database. The result is either:
    • one $50 reimbursement per PBGV for full PBGVCA members, or
    • one $25 reimbursement per PBGV for associate PBGVCA members.
  • Each PBGV is eligible for ONE reimbursement for an exam in 2019-2020.
When Exam must occur sometime between January 1 and December 31, 2020.
  • Send a copy of the CAER form to:
    • Helen Ingher, 6817 Plumpjack Court, Port Orange FL 33128.
  • Either the form or an accompanying note must include the owner's name, mailing/contact info, dog's registered name, AKC number (or litter #, or limited registration #), date of exam, and name of the ophthalmologist.
  • Also, please send a 3-generation pedigree, if available (more generations if you have them!).
  • Rescue PBGVs may not have a pedigree or AKC registration. That's okay. We still want them to have healthy eyes. Just let us know that your hound is a rescue.
  • Alternatively, you may send the requested information and a scanned copy of the CAER form and pedigree to pbgvhealth@gmail.com.
Why Because all PBGVs deserve the best health care!

The Foundation realizes that the reimbursements will not cover the full cost of an eye exam, but we hope that it will be an encouragement for all PBGV owners to get this important exam for their PBGVS.

Find a veterinary ophthalmologistYou may find a veterinary ophthalmologist at your local animal hospital or running a clinic at a nearby dog show. Remember that the ophthalmologist must be board-certified (have DAVCO after his/her name) and s/he must fill out a CAER form. The Health Committee encourages all PBGV owners to submit CAER forms to the OFA Registry in addition to the PBGVCA pedigree database. Once you obtain the signed CAER form from the ophthalmologist, follow the instructions on the form to submit results to OFA.

If you have any questions about the program or your submission, please contact Helen Ingher, pbgv5@icloud.com or Laura Liscum pbgvhealth@gmail.com.

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