2018 Dr. Danika Bannasch Seminar

Health seminar by UC Davis's Dr. Danika Bannasch given at the 2018 PBGVCA National Specialty in Reno, NV.. Dr. Bannasch's seminar dealt with "Population Health & Reproduction Seminar".


About the Author: Dr. Danika Bannasch, BS, DVM, PhD, UC Davis Genome Center Management of Genetic Testing for Breed Health Dr. Bannasch is Professor, Population Health & Reproduction at the UCDavis College of Biological Sciences. Her research is directed towards elucidating the molecular basis of inherited diseases in companion animals. She is interested in developing tests to help breeders eliminate inherited diseases in dogs and horses. A large number of the diseases seen in veterinary practice that affect purebred animals have a heritable basis. Characterizing inherited diseases in dogs has the added benefit of providing an animal model for human diseases.