2022 Regional & National

April 26-May 3, 2022

Holiday Inn St. Louis SW - Route 66
Holiday Inn St Louis SW - Route 66
10709 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63127
Phone: (314) 821-6600
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The block of rooms is listed under “Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club” for anyone contacting the hotel directly

Tammy Hensley, National Chair, mainsail@frontier.com
Lora Megli, Assistant Chair, lmegli@yahoo.com

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Regional/National Specialty
Rally, Agility, Obedience, Scent Work, Top, Hunt, Breeders Brunch and much more!

Friday, April 29

First Annual Breeder’s Brunch

Join us the for the first annual Breeder’s Brunch. The PBGV Breeder has a thankless, but essential job. We are asking all current, past, and interested breeders to join us as we celebrate you! Join fellow breeder to learn, share, and explore ideas with each other.

Our special guest speaker, Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter (judge, author, breeder) will share her thoughts, heartbreaks, and successes as a breeder of Vin-Melca’s Norwegian Elkhounds. Her illustrious breeding career has inspired many.

A guided question and answer period with Mrs. Trotter will be hosted by an MC. Every attendee will have the opportunity to submit up to three questions that will be posed to Mrs. Trotter. For every question submitted, the attendee’s name will be entered in the Grand Prize drawing.

PBGV Grooming with Brianne Major

Grooming for over 30 years around the world, Brianne has helped shape the successful careers of many breeds including the PBGV. Living and showing PBGVs in many countries as well as working with other breeders around the world, including the UK, France, The Netherlands, and Australia has given her a global perspective in the sensitive topic of grooming the PBGV within the confines of maintaining breed type.

Come join us as we walk through some of the common tools we use and how to properly use them to maintain a healthy PBGV coat!

Take and Make Tug with Coady Egan

Does your PBGV love toys? Well here is your opportunity. Join Coady Egan as she instructs on how to create two types of tug toys. At the end of this seminar, your PBGV will have a new toy made by you. These toys are made of fleece and braided by hand to create a relatively durable and easy to re-make toy.

Introduction to Hunt with Bruce Toenjes



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