The Obedience Corner

Reprint of Saber Tails articles written by Teressa Keenan, George Jensen, Ingrida Robinson, & and other contributors.

December 2003: Teaching Your Dog the Companion Dog Exercises
September 2003: Come, Sit, Stay a While!
Summer 2003: Summer Training
March 2004: Refining the skills to earn a Companion Dog Title
June 2004: Prepare For & Participate in Your First Obedience Event
September 2004: Rally Style Obedience
December 2004: Fun Training Aids & Building Your Own Jumps, etc. (A How-To Guide)
March 2005: First Obedience Show Jitters
September 2005: Training the Hound Puppy
June 2005: Consideration in Training the Older Hound
December 2005: Training the Hound Puppy (3.1 MB)
March 2006:
Obedience Corner Shared Photos
September 2006:
PBGV Agility: Focus Throughout the Day
December 2006:
Training Your PBGV to Perform for Entertainment
Spring 2007:
Getting Ready for Obedience Competition
Spring 2007:
Obedience Jump Heigts: 2 Opposing Views
September 2007:
Obedience Training Helps: Rehabilitation of a PBGV After Surgery
December 2007:
It's Magic: A Beginner's Guide to Clicker Training
March 2008
: Be Inventive: Using the Clicker for Retraining
June 2008: In Service: Training the PBGV to be a therapy or Service Dog
September 2008
: Shall We Dance Part I
September 2008: Al's Freestyle Part II
March 2009: PBGVs as Search & Rescue Dogs
September 2009: National & Regional Obedience 2009: A Tucson Recap
December 2009: California Here We Come
December 2010: Nose Work: For dogs who just want to have fun!
March 2011: PBGVs Invade the Agility Invitational
March 2011: Following Ghosts: Attaining the Elusive Tracking Dog Excellent Title
Sept 2011: Successful Motivation in Agility by Jacqueline O'Neill
Dec 2011: Getting Started Tracking by Teressa Keenan
Mar 2012:
PACH Walker...Preferred Agility Champion by Karen Brion
Jun 2012: OB/Rally at the PBGVCA 2012 National/Regional photos by Bob Cohen
Sept 2012: Proof Positive: Age is Just a Number by Juliet Franzen
Dec 2012: On the Upbringing of PBGV Rescue Dogs by George Jensen