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With advance notice,the Judges Education Committee (JEC) will approve workshops/presenters throughout the country. It is recommended that presenters with experience deliver the workshops at Judges Institutes and that more inexperienced individuals attend many of these as well as and give local kennel club programs on the breed for practice.

Requests should go through this committee Chair to approve seminars for judges groups. If you need a speaker in your area, their interest for someone parent club approved. Contact the Chair to set that up.

Workshops are given at the National Specialty, Regionals, and at Judges Institutes and the names of attendees may be printed in the club newsletter.

We now provide information online and can also mail information. Following is list of information provided:

Prospective judges or club members will be sent these materials for a $6 donation to defray printing costs. For materials, please send donation (check made out to PBGVCA):

Please email questions to: ksteidel@aol.com

For mailed packet requests, please send donation (check made out to PBGVCA:

Kitty Steidel, JEC
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[reprint of Saber Tails article]

Judges Education: The Ringside Mentoring Program

By Kitty Steidel

There are no longer only 9 components from which a judge must select 4 to prove his readiness to judge a breed. Instead prospective judge may provide any experiences by which he has learned significant information on a breed. These experiences are documented on his application. One of his useful and important components may be Ringside Mentoring.

PBGVCA has had a Ringside Mentoring Program in place for aspiring judges since 1991. This program became more significant as the AKC has discontinued the check off the box method of making application. AKC would like mentoring to be done at Specialties and Nationals. However the opportunity to mentor does not end there. You may share your expertise at all breeds with significant entries or at your home or a show with. PBGVCA sends a list of approved mentors to the AKC when requested generally once a year.

If you are interested in becoming a PBGVCA Mentor by virtue of your experience, knowledge and success in PBGVs, please send your name, address, phone, email and a short resume (75 words or less) confirming/attesting to your eligibility, to the address below. Breeder judges are automatically approved and need not apply, however, attendance at Nationals is expected. B/J should also send me a note agreeing to be placed on our list.

If you would like guidance for your mentoring in the form of a mentor card and mentor notes that you may copy and give to a student, please send a self addressed stamped envelope to me and I will forward: K Steidel,10040 E Happy Valley Rd #229, Scottsdale, AZ 85255.

AKC's Rules for Mentors

A prospective judge may work with a parent club approved mentor or a breeder who has had a minimum of 12 years experience with the breed: breeding, exhibiting, or judging the breed in conformation. There must be adequate entries in the breed. Observer and mentor must complete the Observer Form and that form must be submitted with the judge's application. Judges must do a minimum of 3 observations including 2 major entries for each breed requested. A judge may do ringside mentoring at a show where he may be judging as well.