Public Education

Susan Smyth, Chair & East Coast, (609) 387-3027,
Cathy Craft, West Coast, (916) 296-3133,
TBD , Central Region

Want to know more about the PBGV breed?
Are you looking for a breeder in your local area?

The Public Education Committee (PEC) can help you with information about PBGVs and can help put you in touch with PBGV breeders who may have pups and adults available.

The Public Education Coordinators are available to PBGVCA members as well as to the general public. Contact a PEC chairperson for the following information:

  • Breed and breeder information by region
  • Reputable PBGVCA breeder referrals

To download breed information click on the following documents:

  1. Descriptive Pamphlet CLICK HERE. (316KB)
  2. Pamphlet "The Rough Coated French Hound" CLICK HERE. (Brochure is 1.5 MB in size, which is very large for dial-up connections)
  3. AKC Breed Standard CLICK HERE
  4. For additional information including children's activites Children's ActivitiesCLICK HERE.

Additional information:

  • See our Featured Member/Breeders CLICK HERE
  • Search for Member/Breeders who have agreed to make their information public CLICK HERE
  • See Educational Information page CLICK HERE
To contact the Public Education Committee, you can send your e-mail to: