Companion Events

Companion Events encompass Obedience, Agility, Rally and Tracking. PBGVCA committee members are:

Companion Events
Lora Megli, Chair
Kathy Marshall
George Jensen
Susannah Cooper

This description is provided by George Jensen. Obedience is an activity that you do with your PBGV all of the time. Around the house, taking walks, where ever you go you want your PBGV to be courteous, friendly, and a good citizen.  It is really training your dog to respond to you, its owner/handler to do what you wish whether it be in the Conformation/Obedience show ring, field trial, at home, tracking, as a therapy pet, service dog, performer, or wherever. The Canine Good Citizen program in the AKC is a means for demonstrating your PBGV can perform basic obedience activities needed to be a good citizen.  On the other hand, formal (AKC, or other ) obedience is a sport where you the Owner/handler can demonstrate the usefulness of their dog as a companion in a formal setting.  The dog and handler are judged on how closely they perform a specific set of exercises to a theoretical standard as pictured by each judge they perform under.  Titles are given for performance in Novice (CD), Open (CDX), and Utility (UD) where each title requires specific skill training to perform  the individual exercises required for the title correctly and to a high degree of precision.  These skills consist of heeling on and off lead, standing for examination, responding to hand signals, retrieving dumbbells on level surfaces and  over jumps, scent discrimination,.and staying both sitting and lying down with a group of dogs for different time spans.  Rally is a sport that is an intermediate step to formal Obedience, Agility, or performance events where the dog and handler can participate at their own pace, with less stress, and do so to their own enjoyment.  The Judge sets out a course and the handler and their dog must proceed throughout the course following  the directions laid out by signs in the course.

This description was provided by Megan Esherick. Tracking is a sport where a dog is taught to follow a track laid by a human and indicate articles left by the tracklayer along the path.  AKC offers titles in three different types of tracking tests:  Tracking Dog (TD), Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX), and Variable Surface Tracker (VST).